X reasons to make breakfast a protein shake

protein shakes for women recipeYou should take best start of your day after a long night with a protein shake breakfast. Here are some reasons to make your breakfast a protein shake.

       I.            Easy to make:

When you can’t do breakfast with cereals or omelet due to shortness of time then you can take a protein shake in your breakfast as it’s easy to make. Put your favorite fruits, unsweetened milk and protein powder in a blender, it will take a few minutes to blend and your instant breakfast will be ready.


     II.            Inexpensive:

When you count your daily expanses which you spent on your breakfast it will surprise you and you will come to know that your protein shake is a very cost effective alternative.  So it’s a very good deal to save money by getting more energy. You can see how cheap some options are by checking the website with best protein shake for women, you will be amazed.


  III.            Feeling of fullness:

It helps you to lose weight as it gives your stomach a feeling of fullness for a couple of hours. By reducing hunger it will help you in fat burning and weight losing.


  IV.            Sustained energy:

As in the morning you need more energy to complete your tasks protein shakes provides you long lasting energy for hours. It provides you sustained energy and it’s not because of extra loaded sugar which your traditional breakfast contains. So you will be extra energetic without having extra sugar.


    V.            Fast:

Extra sugar in your breakfast provides you energy but on the other hand it also makes you lazy. So having protein shake breakfast gives you energy without having sugar and helps you work faster.


  VI.            Healthy:

Protein shakes are very healthy and nutritious containing fibers, proteins, antioxidants and are not loaded with sugars and flavors which canned shakes are loaded with.


  1. Helps to lose weight:

It will help you to lose weight as

  • It has fewer calories than your traditional breakfast.
  • Cutting calories leads you to losing weight.
  • Less sugar than usual breakfast prevents fat accumulation.
  • Low fats, low carbohydrates and more fibers and more proteins.
  • Increase body metabolism.
  • Helps to lose fat.


  1. To strengthen muscle:

It strengthens your muscles and increases your muscle mass. It helps you in your muscle healing because without sufficient amount of protein your muscles can’t heal quickly. When you wake up your muscles are going to break down to provide your body with energy as you has been inactivated for 7 to 8 hours. So it helps your muscle to build up and prevents muscle breakdown.

    IX.            Nutritional benefits:


Protein shakes provide your body with essential nutrients like proteins, fibers and antioxidants and you can also add additional vitamins and minerals in it to make it more nutritious. So, you will be healthier, stronger and ready to workout.


    X.            Other benefits:


  • Protein shakes helps in the repair and buildup of muscles, bones, cartilage and skin.
  • It enhances your immune system.
  • It helps in production of antibiotics, enzymes and hormones.
  • Reduces incidence of the disease by increasing antioxidants.

Benefits of drinking protein shakes

Protein powder mixed with liquids and other nutrients forms protein-shake. It helps in the growth and repair of muscles tissues. Apart from that it is used to manufacture hormones, cells, nucleic acids, enzymes and boost immune system. Due to its functions, they are widely used by athletes and bodybuilders to help in gaining muscles. A supplement shake is easy to get it in the body faster in order to repair the torn muscle tissues. It take about 30 minutes to be absorbed in the body and they can be used before or after a workout or throughout the day. Even an average person not particularly active, can benefit. They come from Whey-milk, Soy- soy bean and hemp- cannabis seeds.

Some of the benefits include;

Fat loss

Proteins work by improving the metabolic process in the body promoting high digestion of foods. A protein shake as a meal replacement can help in fat loss- weight loss. Some supplements like Whey have the effect of being full after being drank. This effect can help obese people to reduce their overall fat by limiting them reaching for high calorie snacks. For bodybuilders in seeking lean muscle mass, protein shakes have proven to provide just that.

Weight control

Calorie intake is the major cause of weight gain. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are well controlled in a protein shake serving. If used as a meal replacement nutrient, the body benefits by having the right calories.

Muscle gain

Gaining muscles is an important benefit derived from drinking a protein shake for individuals involved in strength training and bodybuilding. During work-outs, the tissue muscles are torn and using after a workout, helps in repair of the tissues, resulting in muscle build up. They contain essential amino acids which help develop stronger muscles and have cardiovascular benefits.

Nutritional value

A variety of nutrients can be incorporated in the shake. For example fruit and vegetable nutrients. A homemade shake can contain all the essential nutrients for the body’s normal functioning.


Animal or plant proteins can be time consuming trying to prepare. For example an athlete from training will take a shake due to its convenience.

Point to consider- Over use of supplement should only be done when necessary. For example athletes and body builders. Same nutrients can be found in the daily food intake hence no need to add shakes. Continued use over a long time can lead to weight gain.

What is important to lose weight?

If someone wants to lose weight here are some very important points they should keep in their mind.

Balance diet:

Low fat diet:

Most of your weight gain is because of your high fat diet. Increase intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grain products and low fat proteins like yogurt, skim milk, peas and beans. Eat low fat animals like lean meat poultry and fish.

Avoid fried food cooked with butter or sauce instead eat roasted or boiled one. By avoiding fat intake you can consume more nutritious food.


Increase protein intake:

Increase protein intake especially after exercise as it has low calories and it helps your stomach feel full. It’s a reality that when you exercise you will become hungry so you want to feed yourself. Taking a protein feed after exercise will help you as it has fewer calories, more energy, less sugar and will give you a feeling of fullness to a couple of hours.

Heaving your meal with more protein content also works well in weight reduction.


Cut calories:

Cutting calories helps you to lose weight. Consuming fewer calories is the key to weight reduction as your body stores the extra calories in the form of fat.


Low sugar and low carbohydrate diet:            

Eat food having low sugar content. As you feed on more sugar your taste buds wants more sugar.  Avoid eating artificial sweeteners as it will increase your appetite so it increases your total calorie intake.

Taking low carbohydrate diet is more effective than just lowering your carbohydrate intake.  As Carbohydrates digest quickly so it increases blood glucose level, stores fat and make you hungry. And it will also make you tired and you want more food and more food means more calories and gain in weight.


Regular exercises help to burn calories to lose weight in addition to this it will also help you to maintain weight. It decreases body fat and increases lean muscle mass, strength and increases your metabolism as well. It decreases bad cholesterol level (LDL) and increases good cholesterol level (HDL).

  • Change your sedentary lifestyle.
  • burn calories with exercise and consume fewer.
  • At least do 30 minutes exercise per day.
  • Warm up and stretching exercises.
  • Aerobic exercises like walking, jumping, running and swimming are the best one to help you to burn your fat.
  • Exercise to the point of sweating.
  • Use stairs instead of elevators.
  • Do low intensity, weight lifting and endurance exercises with high intervals.



Try to remind yourself that you must have to lose weight. You should motivate yourself time to time as when you are doing so, you are actually losing your weight because cognition plays an important role in your weight loss.

Regularly monitor your weight it will motivate you to achieve your goal. You should check your weight two times in a day, get yourself motivated by your friends and family.

You can perfectly weight loss by applying 3 important things: right eating, exercise, motivation